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And Tumbly Boys

Friday, July 31, 2009

Top 10 Things That (almost) Send Me Over the Edge

  1. When Gavin takes his arms like windshield wipers on his highchair tray causing food to fly distances I didn't think possible.

  2. When Harrison gets spaghetti legs on his way to time out. Like one of those childhood wooden toys, you push from underneath and they completely collapse.

  3. When I finally remember to pick up the phone to call and make all the appointments I need and it's 5:02.

  4. When, despite my best efforts, I can't figure out how to work the blue tooth in my car. It makes me feel old. Old and outdated are things I try not to feel. Ever.

  5. When I watch Harrison throw something down and yell "uuugghhh, this is making me frustrated." It's like seeing myself in the mirror and I don't like what I'm looking at. Why can't kids just absorb the good stuff they see you do??

  6. When I stay up late losing an extra 2 hours of sleep and end up watching a really stupid movie.

  7. Putting away laundry. Period.

  8. The exact minute I lay down for a nap is when my dog feels the need to go outside. He must then sniff and sniff for the perfect spot to deposit his urine. When he's feeling extra alpha dog-like he'll muster up more pee for another spot that is lacking his scent.

  9. Calling health insurance companies. I think they intentionally use abbreviations and words that are meant to be confusing. Copay, deductible, bridge, HMO, PPO, FSA, primary, EOB, secondary, denied, in network, co-insurance, gold, silver, max out of pocket, individual out of pocket. By the way, how can a 1 year old have an 'out of pocket' anyway? What pocket?!

  10. 5 point harness car seats. Before I go anywhere I weigh the worth of getting 2 kids in and out and then in and out again of their car seats. Subsequently, we stay home a lot.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

No Problem With Our Youth

← a privacy fence allows you to let your child shamelessly run around in just a diaper.

My Grandma told me she thinks the problem with the youth of today is they don't play outside enough. They spend too much time watching t.v., playing video games, and hanging out inside with the a.c. I took offense and was a little hurt, largely because we do all of those things formentioned. But, after a while I figured maybe Grandma is on to something, after all she's lived many more years than I and has raised her fair share of children. So, Grandma, I want you to know since our talk, every night after dinner when the Texas heat is tolerable, my kids go outside and play. They play until they are covered in sand and grass stains. And they love it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Girls' Weekend

For about 15 years my Mom, Grandma, and aunts have gotten together once a year, for a weekend of togetherness. You have to be 18 to attend these loud weekend events, and for me, I couldn't wait to be 'legal.' The weekend is often filled with spending lots of time deciding exactly what it is we want to do. This year we made a valiant effort to maximize our time and even had a schedule of events: tennis, swimming, a comedy club, shopping, and of course eating, we really tried to stick to the plan! This year was also special because it marked the first time another niece, Ashly, joined in on the festivities. Ashly is getting married next summer so we planned a bachelorette party for her, Girls' Weekend style.

We started off the party having Ashly wear this dazzling nightie get-up

This is Ashly, Patti (mother of the bride), and Polly (Godmother of the bride). Being they were the 3 most important people there so they all had to be bedazzled.

↓ These next series of pictures are each taken of the winners of the relay games we played. I was in charge of all games for the evening. I know, I know, you're thinking, "Greta, how can I get you to come plan one of my own parties? Your games look amazing!" All I can say is: with practice and determination you, too, can plan bachelorette boot camp.

This is me in charge. I kinda like it that way.

Peg and Mindy. Winners of the tennis ball relay (pretend they're the 'something blue' ball) Your partner had to pass the ball only using her knees and then keep the ball until the finish line. A lot harder than it may look!

Mindy and Pat. Winners of the water balloon toss. The final 2 teams had their balloon sprayed with Pam for extra difficulty. You know, kind of like those slippery babies we take home from the hospital. So easy to drop.....

Julie and I won this relay. Don't the men's briefs tell it all? We had to don the undies, run to our partner, trade, then run back to start. We did give Grandma a head start here, and lemme tell you, she was a trooper. She participated with full gusto. 72 years old? Seemed like not a
day over 55.

This was the most exciting game of all. The best toilet paper and tape wedding dress you could make in about 20 minutes. A picture was taken and sent via text for all to 'phone in' their vote. Ashly's dress won. My Greek-inspired top did nothing for the voters.

Lastly, doing what we do best. As always, looking forward to next year. Perhaps more cousins and less toilet paper.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flashback. Memorial Day Weekend

Camp Mabry's finest.

Dad spent much of this Army career in tanks. He had lots of cool stuff to tell us.

We blatantly ignored the signs that asked us to kindly not climb on the tanks.

Harrison contemplates a future in the Army......buddy, we'll see about that.

Uh, yah, a one year old is driving. Nothing to see here, folks.

This was a fighter plane just like in Top Gun. Steve couldn't contain his excitement when he climbed into the cockpit. He got mad when I wouldn't call him 'Maverick'

I have been looking all over for my camera. I love this camera. Not because it's anything special, but because I know how to use it. It is the camera that Steve's parents gave us after Harrison was born. I have used it so much most of the words have rubbed off, leaving only my memory to know which dial is the picture versus camcorder. I last used it Memorial Day weekend when we went to Austin to visit my brothers and Dad. Dad is retired Army so he stayed at Camp Mabry in Austin. To honor all of those we need to remember on Memorial Day we visited the Camp's museum. When we came home I couldn't find the camera anywhere. I assumed it, and the memories it held, were lost forever. So strange to me things that are lost, when they are found I would swear I had looked in that spot a thousand times. It was in my umbrella stroller. Just waiting to be found. Dad was disappointed when the camera was lost, as he thought this was going to be his opportunity to be a blog star. Well, here ya' go Dad, the camera is're a star!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

He was Thirsty, Okay?

We were abruptly awoken at 3 a.m. by the sound of the ice dispenser. I sent Steve to investigate. It was Harrison, not the burglar I instantly assumed was in my house and needing a drink.

Steve: What are you doing?!

Harrison: Go back to bed, Daddy. I'm thirsty and am getting some ice water. Just go back to bed. I'm okay.

Steve: Son, are you seriously telling me to go back to bed? I think that's my job to tell you.

I am in full support of this whole independence thing, but can't it be between the hours of 8-5?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mr. Indepedent on Indepedence Day

He held onto Mom's shades the whole time. Thata boy!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Let Him Eat Cake

I finally picked up the pictures I had taken at JC Penny's for Gavin's 1 year. I was a little disappointed in these, Gavin was shy about smearing cake everywhere. Harrison was patiently dying to help out in the background. What a good big brother, always willing to help eat his little brother's cake.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mexico. A Vacation to Remember.

My 30th birthday celebration took place in the Riviera Maya at the Iberostar Paraiso Maya. It was truly beautiful as the picture shows. This place is huge which resulted in a lot of walking. This was a good thing because it helped work off the chocolate dipped donuts I had every morning for breakfast.

The hotel lobby.

Aren't these rooms huge?!Me, Mom, Maddison (our nanny for the trip, otherwise my cousin!), Harrison and Gavin

Steve and his boys.

Nancy and Cruz celebrated with us!

Um, yes, this is a beach side massage. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! A birthday gift courtesy of my best pal, Nancy.

Harrison, Gavin and I frolicking in the ocean. The sand and the waves were perfect.

Me, Maddy, and the boys. Harrison loved the ocean. Gavin could have done without it.

Maddison kissing her Godson, Geedge.

This gigantic jetted tub made bubbles 2 feet high. Harrison put a bubble beard on his face and called himself 'Santa Claus.' They were squeaky clean after this soak.

I really want to incorporate this swirl pattern somewhere in my house. Maybe my bathroom? I just love it!

Harrison enjoying a cookies 'n cream ice cream cone at the ice cream bar. Did I mention this place was all inclusive? We loved not having to carry money and ordering whatever we wanted to eat. And by whatever I mean a lot of really good food. I'm still detoxing!

Me and My love.

Me and Maddy. We're a little more than cousins. Our moms are sisters and our dads are brothers. Somewhere between siblings and cousin. Coublings, perhaps?

Best friends. I love vacationing with her! She makes you do all the campy stuff you would never do alone....getting up and dancing a choreographed dance everyone else but you seems to know, going to the nightly shows, and playing Bingo. She's going to make one helluva senior citizen!

This was a rainy day. We still went to the beach, but it was a little chilly. My boys needed some snuggling from their Mom. I love these moments.

We had an adult dinner one night and went to the seafood restaurant. Nancy and Steve really enjoyed the huge shrimp, octopus, and calamari. It was a fun trip that we now insist we have to do more often. Nancy turns 30 next year. I wonder where we'll go? Wherever it is, I'm in!!