Bergman's Bruisers

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And Tumbly Boys

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aunt Liz's Wedding

We went to Madison, Wisconsin to be with Liz and Steven as they tied the knot! Liz is Steve's younger sister, so it was a big Bergman affair! Oh, the wonderful things we did......
↑ This is Madison.

↑ We actually stayed in the cabin right behind this one, not quite as many windows in ours, which was great because the sun rose at 4:45!! Our cabin had a huge sandbox that Harrison spent most of his time playing in.

↑ This is a free zoo in Madison. The kids loved this place.

↑ Anyone notice the name of this garden?! Uh, yah, we had to take a photo!

↑ We took a pizza and beer boat tour of Lake Minona.

↑ We ate at Ella's Deli....amazing food! This is Auntie Liz holding Gavin.

↑ Is this not the most perfect meal for a 1 year old?! Every restaurant should have this on their menu. Gavin ate it up!
↑ We went boating. This lake was completely frozen just 5 months ago. The weather was great, high 70's during the day.

↑ Me and my boys the night of the rehearsal dinner. Too cute, aren't they?

↑ The beautiful bride, Liz, and her parents, David and Lois. Check out my photo shop skills.

↑ The look of love. The love that Steven has for Liz is palpable.

↑ Me and my peeps. Harrison melted my heart all day in that tuxedo. My little man is growing up. The big question....did he or didn't he walk down the isle as the ring bearer? Drum roll please....HE DID IT! I was so nervous he'd pull another t-ball stunt. The only mishap was Harrison walking back down the isle to me in the back to collect his candy reward!

↑ We danced the night away! What a fun week and what a great wedding. *sigh* I just love weddings.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How Sweet He Is....

Sometimes my kids just melt my heart....not always, but last night, yes.

Harrison: Mommy, whatcha doing? (he asks this to me at least 100 times daily, not kidding)
Me: I'm cleaning the kitchen.
Harrison: Mommy, thank you for cleaning my house.

Well, of course, I let him stay up an extra 20 minutes playing for that sweetness! How special for a 3 year old boy to notice and thank me. He could teach his 34 year old Dad a thing or two.