Bergman's Bruisers

A Look Into My Life Of Raising Four Rough
And Tumbly Boys

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Heritage Hurricanes Swim Team

Our summer has been chock-full of fun and activities.  One of the biggest activities has been our neighborhood swim team.  I knew it would be a big commitment, as swimmers seem to take their sport seriously, but I thought we could hang. 

It was a B-I-G deal for Gavin to make the team.  He had to swim 25 meters without touching the sides or stopping.  Having no official swim lessons I wasn't sure he could do it.  I might or might not have jumped up and down when he touched the other side. 

"Ugh, I hate the backstroke!" says Gavin.  "But, look, you have cut your time in half since the start of the season!" replies Momma.  One of the best things of raising children is seeing them grow and learn.  So, for me, watching the five year-old who barely made it across the pool for try-outs develop the skills to do the backstroke that same distance fills my heart. 

I knew Harrison would make the team.  He's a fish in the water.  Although the strictness of structured swimming left him sore and exhausted. 

Harrison on his relay team.  Being that this was our first introduction to swim team it was also our first to swim meets.  The only thing that falls second to the length of swim practice are the swim meets.  The other 'swim parents,' who clearly were much more seasoned than me, thought nothing of four hour swim meets in full-Texas heat.  I, however, was tired, hot, and quite grumpy at the end of each one of those meets. 

Harrison doing the back stroke.  

If one word could be placed on our summer it would definitely be 'swimming.'  Whether it be for swim team, Sundays with G-Jo, an afternoon with friends, or even in Florida with relatives, we have spent our summer in the pool.  We have pale tooshies and dark backs to prove our love of  both sun and water.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Mom, I Have A Question"

These words are spoken to me countless times a day. 
Sometimes exhausting and other times quite entertaining.  

Harrison: "Mom, I have a question.  You know how in the old days a donkey was called the bad word that starts with an 'A'?"  

Me: "Yea, so?"

Harrison: "Does that mean then they also used to say 'donkey hole' instead of that other bad word?"

Me: Laughing too hard to even answer.