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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cannon 2 Months

 Two months old sweet baby. Weighing in at thirteen pounds and twenty-four inches long you are a healthy big boy.  Your features are taking shape; you have Harrison's eyes and Gavin's mouth.  You also have the Bergman hands that match you to your two big brothers.  Harrison continues to smother you with love and affection.  He kisses no less than one hundred times a day.  Your hair is often crispy from his smoochy kisses.  While you're often in competition with his leopard for your toys, clothes, and diapers, Gavin always gives you the most hugs and affection.

 I know, Cannon, my sentiments exactly!  This reflux is the pits!!  Starting Prevacid has helped, but you still cry out in discomfort and wake up often during the night. 

Such a cutie and such a joy in our lives.  We love you to pieces.

I'll Be Honest

I didn't realize when this came home in Harrison's backpack that it was truly homework. I thought of it as more optional handwriting practice. An option we opted not to do.

When we walked into class this morning his teacher told the students to get out their homework.

Ooops. About that. Again, this is where kindergarten 101 for parents would have been helpful.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

School Days

I have so many blogs to write.  Godmother visits, chocolate class lessons,  funny stories from the mouths of babes, and new life plans to discuss--I am, oh, so behind.  And as much as I hate blogging out of turn, I couldn't let the sun set without sharing my big boy's first day of kindergarten!

 Harrison has been making me count down the days until kindergarten since June. Like any child of mine should be, what had him the most excited was lunch and getting to go to the cafeteria.  We looked at the lunch menu online and he had his lunch all picked out: chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, green beans, crunchy bread and chocolate milk.  I could have guessed at least half of what he had by what stains he brought home on his shirt.  
I think they need kindergarten 101 for us first-time parents. We were not prepared for the carpool lane, prepaid cafeteria cards, pick-ups and drop-offs.  We ended up in the bus lane with Steve yelling at me to, "go, go, go!" It was total chaos, dropping off and picking him up. 

 Gavin went back to the same preschool as last year.  It was a familiar calmness we needed after the chaotic elementary school drop-off.  Gavin greeted his teacher, put up his lunch and backpack then went quickly to playing at his designated chair.  Smooth as butter.

Gavin summed up his entire summer to his teacher by telling her he had a baby brother, his name is baby Cannon and he cries a lot.  After school when I asked how his morning went he excitedly said, "Mom, I didn't say poop or butt!"  Does it make me a bad mom that the bar I place for my kids is low enough that a successful preschool day is measured by not saying inappropriate words? Quite possibly, but I was pleased nonetheless. 

After school Harrison showed me how he learned to hold his backpack only with one strap on one shoulder, like the big kids.  He also told me as I got out the car this morning that I didn't need to walk him in because he was big enough to do it by himself.  He reluctantly agreed to at least one week of me walking him in so I can make sure he knows where to go.  After I helped show him where to put his backpack and how to find his seat he turned and said, "you can go now."  This boy has been ready to start school for quite some time.  I'm just not sure he realizes it's going to be everyday for the next sixteen years.  No need to squash that excitement just yet.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Girls' Weekend 2011

Another girls' weekend has come and gone.  Our numbers have grown in the fifteen years we've been getting together with this year being the biggest yet.  The mellow weather in Detroit was beat only by the fun we all had being together.  Cannon experienced his first plane ride and, I must say, was a stellar passenger to and fro sleeping the entire time. 

Ashly worked hard putting together our wine tasting party.  Grandma's favorite part wasn't the wine but the chocolate that each was paired with.  Having not had a drink in almost a year I really enjoyed this event.  

Ever hear of feather bowling??  Probably not unless you're from the area.  It's a fun game similar to bocci ball.  Not sure if it was beginners luck or I'm just a natural--but I was the closer for my team helping bring in last minute points. (Insert sarcasm here.)  I guess I wasn't that good because I ended up on the losing team!

Nothing brings out the claws like a friendly game of kickball. Daughter against mothers, sisters plotting against sisters, nieces on aunts--it was ruthless and left a lot of us really sore.    

Cannon still has his nights and days confused causing him to sleep like a lamb during the day while kicking my toosh at night.  He loved his morning nap, sleeping peacefully on his Great-GrandmaPits. 

Craft time has become a must!  We made finger bracelets, purse scarves, and even homemade applesauce with apples we handpicked using Grandma's recipe.

Game night introduced many of us to Bunco.  A game that required very little thought which is perfect for ladies that really just want to chat.  Oh, and on this night was potluck dinner, everyone contributed part of the meal.  Aunt Julie and I went healthy with making a salad, but Roxanne and Aunt Peg hit a home run with fruit pizza.  Check out this website for the recipe. 

The weekend always includes lots of group pictures.  Getting this many people to sit still and smile is a challenge but it's worth it for the memories we capture. 

Cannon had lots of snuggle time with his Godmother, Bailey.  Not counting my thumb and pinkie I could count on one hand how many times I changed a diaper, an outfit, or hassled with the car seat.  It was su-weet!

The obligatory foot picture.  Not sure how long ago it started, but girls' weekend isn't complete without pedicures and a resulting picture to show them off.  Cannon enjoyed being the center of attention even if that resulted in him laying in the grass. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Drawback to Being the Third Child?

Six weeks old and already having to share your toys.

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