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And Tumbly Boys

Monday, May 30, 2011

We Need A Tooth Fairy STAT!

I received a very excited phone call at work Saturday night. "Mom, you need to call the Tooth Fairy, tell her I have a tooth and I will put it under my pillow for her to come get!"  I told Harrison I would make the phone call pronto!  I was so bummed I wasn't home to witness his first tooth finally coming out.  Together, we have been wiggling and wiggling that tooth.  Don't my kids realize I work nights so I don't miss these kind of milestones?!  

The exchange rate in the Bergman house for a first lost tooth?  Two dollars.  Harrison told me he was going to buy a wotta wotta (a lot of, a lot of) video games with his two bucks. 

I asked Harrison what he thinks the Tooth Fairy does with all the teeth she collects.  He told me she takes the teeth back to her castle and stores them in a tooth container. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

How Much Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways.

I love thee enough to go to a place I hate, eat nasty pizza, and watch you play germ-covered games all because you about wet your pants with the excitement of going.

You're welcome, my children.

Oh, but don't hold your breath for Disney World, 
even my love for thee has limitations.



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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pamper Party

I work with the most amazing group of women.  They came together to celebrate the impending birth of baby Bergman #3.  Being that this is my third baby in five years I refused to let it be called a shower--seemed a little excessive, really.  There is little this little one needs.  So, it was coined a Pamper's Party or a Diaper Dinner.  I may just have enough diapers to last me until this baby will be potty trained!  It was humbling seeing the tables filled with friends sending me endless love and support. 

Aren't these cupcakes adorable?!  There were also ones with bottles and baby rattles.  
Plus, they were de-lish!

The kids loved helping unload the car of diapers and goodies.  
They kept saying, "it's the baby's birthday!!"   They made diaper castles...and then had wars knocking the castles to the ground. Oy, my boys!

I had a sonogram yesterday, just to make sure everything looked good--and it does!  Yah!  Check out this 4-D sonogram of my baby.  Isn't this amazing?!  **Yes, the baby does have a complete skull and two completely formed eyes.  The picture just kept cutting it off.** 

Monday, May 23, 2011

So Many Firsts....

I experienced so many firsts last week. For the first time I turned 32. I tasted a record breaking number of desserts made in honor of my birthday.  My mother-in-law, Lois, made a coconut pie, strawberry pie, and red velvet cupcakes......
The kids made me these beautiful cake tops. 
I'm still cleaning up sprinkles from these confectionery beauties.  

Then, my mom made me a Strawberry Shortcake just like she had made when I was little.  I went to the spa for the first time this year :) and redeemed a gift certificate from my dad.  It was wonderful be doted on for hours. Also, I tasted my first frittata at my friend, Katie's, house. It tasted fantastic, I'm making it for the first time this week for my family and I know they'll love it, too! After we were full from breakfast I had my first experience creating a belly cast!  Not sure what a belly cast is?  Let me explain...

First, you cover your belly in sorta a Vaseline film (I absolutely have never done this before!) Looks like my belly has been dipped in a vat of frying oil!

Next, and still a first for me, you cover your belly in plaster strips like a broken arm.  And, while your cast is drying.....

Your very artistic friend paints your first Henna tattoo! What a great way to improve swollen, achy pregnancy feet--a new pedicure and fun Henna tattoos.

 I have to wait until after the baby is born to reveal the finished belly cast.  We are going to paint it to match the room and write the name and birth information on the cast.  Six months from now I know I'm going to hold that cast next to me and be shocked at how big I was. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

You Decide

Domesticated feline?

Or ferocious dragon slayer??

Toonce has been venturing outside lately and bringing back inside his latest kill. Wanting us to take notice he leaves his slain lizards in our walking path for us to step on them! I know, ew!!

I wish there was a bell I could ring to alert all the lizards when Toonce goes outside to run for their lives! Take shelter! The mighty Toonce is coming for them!

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The Negotiator

I know it may be a little premature to say what I think my children will grow up to become.  However, if Harrison doesn't go into a field of negotiating/defense I think he could miss his mark.  He is relentless (as I know many kids can be) when he wants something or is trying to defend his actions.  Although there is plenty of whining with Harrison, he also throws in these arguments that sometimes make rebuttals a little challenging. Here's what I mean....

Harrison has been playing on a soccer team for about six weeks.  He loves playing, well, almost always loves playing--except for one particular morning.

We pulled into the field and Harrison didn't want to get out of the car, didn't want to line up with his teammates, and, most importantly, didn't want to play.  He was a forty pound sack of potatoes. 

Steve tried to talk with him, I tried to talk with him, even his coach was unsuccessful.  We embarrassingly packed up our family and returned home. 

Harrison spent the morning and most of the afternoon in his room.  Steve allowed him out for a thirty minute lunch.  Solitary confinement to think about his poor choices, Steve thought, was the best discipline.

In the afternoon, while I was still sleeping, Steve talked with Harrison about the unfortunate events of the morning.  Harrison completely caught Steve off guard with his defense by hanging his head in sorrow and saying, "I'm sorry, Dad.  Sometimes I make bad choices.  God made me this way.  But, I'm going to try really, really hard to make good choices from now on."     

I asked Steve how he responded to Harrison's defense.  Steve said, "Gretch, I'm not good at that kinda stuff.  A huge lump came into my throat, I didn't know what to say.  But, I really think he was sincere." He said, "I just hugged him."

I told Steve he had just gone to court with a five year-old and the child had swept the floor with him! In the case of Bergman vs. Bergman....little Bergman won.

Case-n-point two:

Instead of owning that it was Harrison's fault he clumsily hit his head on the kitchen counter while playing on the bar stools, he stood up crying and said to me, "Ugh, this house is too dangerous for kids!  Look at what that counter did to me!  And, look at the fireplace, it has stones that could hurt kids.  This house isn't safe for kids!  We need to move to a safer house!"

Case-n-point three:

Harrison comes into the living room and asks Steve, "Dad, are all the people in the houses around here nice to their kids?"  "Ya, I think so." Steve replied.  Harrison quipped, "Well, I think you need to be more like these people around us and be nice to your kids.  You're not making a good choice when you're not nice to us."  Is this not an example of totally being  judged by a group of your peers?!  Steve asks Harrison what it is he does that makes him mean.  Harrison told him it wasn't nice that he only played one round of Plants Vs. Zombie's video game and he was sure the other people around us would play more with their kids.

Case-n-point four:

Our last trip to the zoo ended horribly with Harrison having a meltdown because I didn't have fifty cents to get food to feed the fish.  He bellowed and threw his arms up until I couldn't take it anymore and put him on a bench in time-out.  Through my gritted teeth that only a mother could possess, I told him he was embarrassing me in front of all the people with his behavior.  He quickly responded, "Why does it matter what these people think?  You don't know them. You're never going to see them again." 

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm Loved!

I came home from work early Mother's Day morning and found the best present ever! My beloved spent his Saturday night diligently cleaning our house. For those who visit my house often they can agree with me that my house rarely looks like this and certainly not on the weekend!

It was the best Mother's Day present I've ever been given. I mean, Steve even cleaned the laundry room and wiped down the washer and dryer! Who was this man Saturday night?? And what do I have to do to see him weekly?

Then, he even completed the day with a card filled with heartfelt words and a large box of limited edition Twix (his words, not mine!)

In true Bruiser fashion, because I am in a house full of boys after all, we finished the day with a trip to the movies to watch Thor.

What more could a Boy Mom ask for on this day of admiration?

Absolutely nothing. I am loved.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

In Just A Few Short Months....

My oldest will be starting school and we won't be able to do stuff like this!

 Mohawk, anyone?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Little Man G

My soon-to-be middle child has turned three.  I want to write down all that makes Gavin Gavin before it gets lost in my Mommy memory.

Gavin wakes every morning, and without fail, the first words out of his mouth are, "I want milky."  Followed quickly with "my tummy hurts..needs milk.  Needs milk, Mommy."  This is often how our days end also.  Don't ever try to come between this boy and his milk! 

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite superhero: Batman, Robin, Spider man, and Cat woman.  And, no, he can't narrow the list, they are all his favorites so, please, don't ask.

Favorite cartoon: Spider man and his amazing friends

Favorite book: My First Animal Picture Book.  Gavin will point to every animal and ask if they can bite.

Favorite snack: Cool Ranch Doritos (or the blue chippies as he calls them) and it's best served with cold chocolate milk.

What he wants to do when he grows up: Beat bad guys.  He answers this while simultaneously giving me a visual of beating up those bad guys.

Favorite sport: soccer

Favorite pastime:  snuggling with Mom while she scratches his back.

What Gavin can't go to bed without:  his favorite blue blankie.

Dad's Favorite thing about Gavin:  His dynamic personality.  He's full of character.

 Mom's Favorite thing about Gavin:  Hands down, our snuggle time together!  It's the best!!

Harrison's Favorite thing about Gavin:  That he's my best friend...and he wrestles with me!

We had a small family birthday celebration for Gavin.  It was small but perfect with pizza, cake and presents!
Gavin loved hearing everyone sing 'happy birthday' just for him.

It was a family effort to make Gavin his Batman cake.  He wanted a pink (strawberry) cake with blue icing.  Grammy kindly let me use the same cake pan and Batman face that Steve had as a child.  Gavin loved the cake just as much as Steve did when he was little. 

Hoppy Easter

 As always, holidays are best celebrated with family and friends. 

 The kids were very excited to wake up and find their hidden Easter baskets.  We did a fun game of 'warmer-colder' to help lead them in the right direction.  Gavin found his in the shower while that sneaky Easter bunny hid Harrison's on top the arcade games inside of a small tent.  

 No Easter is complete without an Easter egg hunt...

 .....or a boy dressed head-to-toe in a Batman costume....

 ....or friends to make the hunt that much more exciting!

Two Days of Fun

 G-Jo attended a conference in Grapevine and decided to make a mini vacation of it, she offered for us to join her and we happily accepted!  It was just a couple weeks before Gavin's birthday so we made it an early birthday celebration for him also.  Harrison was soo excited he was finally tall enough to ride the slides at Great Wolf Lodge.  He had G-Jo going down the slides until she wanted to puke!  Thank goodness Dad stepped in to finish the rides.  Gavin and I loved the wave pool and kiddie slides.  

 The next day we took the kids to Lego Land.  They loved this place!  Look at the picture of Gavin--he was like Noah collecting the animals two-by-two for the Ark.  He would have played here for hours if we let him.

Two full days of fun for the kids and exhaustion for Steve and me.  When the kids go to bed each night I ask them what their favorite part of the the day was.  It's always entertaining to hear the answers they come up with and I think it's good going to sleep thinking about what makes you happy.  I just knew all of the hard work of the two days would pay off as Harrison told me his favorite part of our mini trip. "Harrison, what was your favorite part of the trip?"  dying with anticipation he responded, "Remember when we were waiting for Dad to get the tickets to Lego Land and we went into Game Stop? The man told me I could play that demo game for 10 minutes!  That was sooo cool!  You think we could go back there?!"  "Do you mean you want to go back to Lego Land?" I asked.  "No, Mom, to Game Stop so I can play that game!"

Isn't that so sweet?  I'm having contractions, swollen feet, and a suitcase waiting for me to unpack thinking it was all worth it to show my kids a good time when all I really needed to do was take them to Game Stop.