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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swim Lessons

Harrison started swim lessons this week with Ms. Susan.  He focused as long as he could, trying to 'scoop ice cream' with his arms in the water and kick his legs fast, then slow.  He did well, especially considering all he wanted to do was jump off the diving board.  He really, really wanted to jump off the bigger one, but compromised to the little one.  He watched the big boys run, jump on the end of the board, then land with a big splash of a cannon ball.  He so badly wanted to do the same, and he did do the best, biggest jump he could muster having to walk to the edge and only jump one time into the arms of Ms. Susan. 

This is day one.

 Day two.  Can't tell, but he's wearing goggles that he made me put on immediately when we got to the pool....before we got out of the car!  He feels so special getting this one-on-one attention.  I'm ready for  him to start swimming like the fish he thinks he is!

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Have You Ever Seen?

A zebra bumming a ride on an elephant?!

And I don't know about you, but I don't think I've ever seen a more adorable zebra.

And, for all of you keeping track, please note that Gavin is not completely naked, he is finally wearing undies. This finally breaks the last four or five consecutive posts with Gavin being only in his skivvies.

A Forgotten Post

My mom sent me so many pictures on her trip with Harrison my phone became clogged. Here's a forgotten post that recently came through. Harrison, Grandma, and Grandpa having dinner at one of the few restaurants in town. Sideliners--it's actually a bar/restaurant combo. So, yah, my young son is in a bar....and this isn't his first time here.

Harrison wants it to be pointed out he's having root beer while Grandpa's having a draft beer.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Do I Love This Boy?

Because every time a clothing magazine comes in the mail any model with long, brown hair Gavin lovingly tells me it's "Mommy."  It makes my heart melt.

This is me.

"Mommy!"  I wake up looking like this one.  What can I say?

If only the rest of the world could see me as my two-year-old.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 6, Say Your Goodbyes, Buddy, You're Coming Home

Take some final pictures with the family.

Run the bases one more time.

Because tomorrow you're coming home. I'll see you in the morning big boy.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 5, Home In T-Minus 36 Hours

All smiles after a slumber party with his cousins and Godmother.

I think Harrison's Texas boots helped him paddle faster!

What high school graduation party is complete without a bounce house, snow cone machine, party tent, food and drinks? 

That is a bummer that Uncle Jeff had his phone and wallet on that paddle boat.

This is Uncle Jeff, soaking wet, contemplating the events that just occurred.  Although, what did he think was going to happen when the boys were approaching him in the water?

Uncle Mark teaching Harrison the basic lessons of the 'bean bag toss'

"Just like this, right, Uncle Mark?"

Uncle Jeff, all dried off, holding my newest cousin (and his first grandchild), Callie.  What a cutie!

The snack of champions.  Pancakes, chicken nuggets, strawberry, and half an ice cream sandwich. 



Finally spoke with Harrison tonight.  After a much needed nap he felt like telling me he missed and loved me.  I'm sure this required no enticement at all from my mom!  I think she's feeling a little pity for my sons lack of homesickness.  However it comes, I'll take it.  Steve listened to Harrison's father's day message and it made him smile, "hey Dad....Dad....DAD! Happy, um,  happy father's day, wuve you! Bye!"   

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Top 10 Reasons Harrison And Gavin Love Their Dad

  1. Our kids love the names Steve has for meals: Hulk chicken, Spiderman's lasagna, and Wolverine meatloaf.  It works every time.
  2. Daddy will always forgo his shows so the kids can watch their favorite cartoon.
  3. Getting to the next level of the video game is a lot easier with Dad's help!
  4. Daddy always shares his drink, no matter how much potential backwash there might be.
  5. Daddy makes the best jungle gym!
  6. In the middle of the night if "Daddy" is specifically heard on the monitor Daddy will come to the rescue.
  7. Daddy loves to go down the toy aisle just as much as Harrison and Gavin. And it's rare to leave the aisle without something added to the cart. 
  8. Harrison and Gavin love how indulgant Daddy is!  How many other kids can say they have a game room with old school arcade games and never-ending supply of fountain drinks?
  9. Wrestling with Daddy is the best.  He will wrestle until all moves are exhausted and 'Mommy the Monster' comes to break up the commotion. 
  10. Daddy is the bestest Dad ever because he married Mommy!!

We love you Dad.  Happy Father's Day.

Harrison and Gavin

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 4, I Didn't Even Hear His Voice Today

I don't think that has happened in his 4 1/2 years on this earth.

Snuggling with his coubling, McKinzie. These two are attached at the hip!

Saving seats at the graduation.
He looks like Linus from Charlie Brown with that blanket and thumb.

More snuggle time with Kinz.

Thank goodness Aunt Pat saved Blankie from the floor! What a lifesaver!

So many pretty ladies, too little snuggle time. How does he fit it all in? Of course, he must make time for his Godmother, Ashly!

Harrison is schooling Uncle Clay and Emily about video games. Harrison takes a love of 'bideo' games to a whole new level.

Would have been nice to talk to Harrison today, but a good consolation is getting to talk to everyone else. I'm so thankful to be one of the lucky ones who really enjoys my family. Love you guys.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Bergman's Are Going Cross Country

KOA, Jellystone, Yosemite, Big Ben, Grand Canyon, watch out because here we come! Cousin Eddie from National Lampoons Vacation won't have nuthin' on us!

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Day 3, And I'm Getting A Little Frustrated

It was only with promises of talking to Gavin that Harrison would even take my call today! I think growing, birthing, feeding, and supurbly raising him at least earns me a daily phone call with a simple "love you Mom."

Watching PBS kids on the computer with his bed buddy McKinzie. She said the twin bed was a little tight. I think tonight he's bunking with Cramden.

No morning is complete without a daily buck, followed by a good 'ol time-out.

Getting ready for swimming. I think he may have donned the goggles a little premature as the pool was a 15 minute drive! He was ready!

My fearless boy!

Four generations. A little fun fact for ya, these four people share two middle names. Lee and Lou. Can you match the name?

Mom wanted to share Harrisons outfit choice. I think he looks pretty cute, but Mom can't take credit--McKinzie picked it out.

She probably would have put socks on with his Nike sandals.

Still missing you big boy! Have fun and give everybody a big hug for me!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Two, And He's Not Missing Us Yet

We talked to Harrison last night at midnight Ohio time!  He was wired, telling us all about the fireflies and where he was sleeping, and, of course, he wanted to know what Gavin was doing and could he please talk to him.  So, I wasn't surprised when this picture came to me at 8:30 this morning. This is the look of 'more sleep, please!'   Eight hours of sleep isn't enough for my boy.  Unfortunately, for G-Jo, she's going to have to learn that the hard way.

This is what really makes me green with envy.  Harrison eating Sweet Shop donuts.  Drinking out of the same cup I did as a kid, making crumbs on the same tablecloth.  Being a military child and moving around year-after-year I loved coming home to Grandma and Grandpa's  house, because nothing ever changed.  Ever.  One question though, Grandma, why isn't he sitting on the white stool?  It won't be long before his tooshie outgrows it and the next child takes over.   

No Versailles trip is complete without a baseball lesson at cousin Richards house.  Yah, that is a baseball diamond and it's in their yard.  They don't mess around with sports at this house.  You play hard or sit on that bench you see. 

On the way to the airport I told Mom to make sure she didn't dress Harrison like a goob.  I'm not sure what it is about grandmothers (sorry, Mom, but it's what you are, okay?)  but they somehow manage to take the cutest outfit and goob it up.  Pulling socks up to a height that would rival any 1970's basketball player, or tucking shirts in that are better left out, and hiking shorts way passed the point of comfortable.  So, she enjoyed sending me this picture of Harrison's behind.  She's laughing, but I promise, he has come home from being on a G-Jo outing and has looked just like this.

 The first 'buck' of the day.  Harrison upset because G-Jo wanted him to go potty before the road trip to Indiana.  Clearly, he didn't want to go.  I think he won this battle.

After the two-hour drive from Versailles, Ohio to Fort Wayne, Indiana my boy was hungry!  And what's better than some pancakes with your big cousin, Cameron?  Or Cramden as Harrison says.  

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Day Down, Five More To Go

Harrison and his G-Jo have started an adventure together!!  Six days in Ohio and Indiana going to my cousin, Maddison's, graduation.  Steve and I are happy for Harrison, I know he feels incredibly special going on this trip all by himself, but it's left such a void in our house.  On the way home from the airport Gavin kept saying, "Where Harrison (sounds more like, Na-E-Nan) go?"  We're making the best of it, we took Gavin to our favorite hibachi restaurant tonight and he is eating up all the one-on-one attention.  But, Harrison, come home already, we miss you!! Oh, and, you too, Mom, we miss you, too!

G-Jo and Harrison being dropped off at the airport.  His backpack was packed with a PSP, a Thomas train, two books from Grammy, leftover popcorn from last night, crayons with paper,  and most importantly, his Blankie
A pre-flight lunch of McDonald's.  It's become a bit of a staple for Bergman travel. 

Oh, and an Auntie Anne's pretzel.  That's a staple, too.

What a tired looking boy arriving in Dayton, Ohio!  He can barely pull that carry-on.

He seemed to perk up a little bit once he saw GrandmaPits and Aunt Julie.  Mom said she asked him, "Harrison, do you miss your Mom?" "No. I miss Gavin."  "Do you miss your Dad?"  "No. I miss Gavin."  Brotherly love is thick!   Always a good meal at Bob Evan's, right Grandma?

No Ohio summer night is complete without catching fireflies.  This is one of my fondest childhood memories.  So happy Harrison did this, so sad I wasn't there to watch his excitement.  Thanks for the pictures, G-Jo.  Keep 'em coming, it helps me feel connected.