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Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over With Pride

Harrison is a good kid.  He loves to please, and even more, loves to learn. A teacher's dream, really.  He does a great job of saving his outbursts and fits for when he's in the comfort of his own home. Therein lies one of the great mysteries of how parents are able to home-school--most kids do better and do more for other people. For the school-Harrison, I've come to expect positive feedback from his teachers, but even I wasn't prepared for his most recent accomplishments.

He earned the class's Star Student for the month and the Kiwana's club Terrific Kid! Both awards earned him a picture in the school lobby; but the Terrific Kid award earned him a ceremony that Steve and  I were invited to attend. 
The lobby photo showing off his cool Terrific Kid t-shirt.  He was also given a Chic-Fil-A free meal, and a couple of bumper stickers that will be proudly displayed in his room!  It's enough I drive a minivan, I refuse to throw in the towel by adding 'My kid is a Terrific Kid' bumper sticker to my van.

He earned the Star Student of the month for his honor.  After the Terrific Kids' ceremony we walked Harrison back to class where Steve was able to meet his teacher.  We were both overwhelmed with the gushing of praise and love she gave to Harrison! Cannon must have even felt the love because he lunged towards Harrison's teacher's arms; she graciously held him showing him off to the other Kindergarten teachers.  Steve and I were instructed to follow her throughout the halls as she showed Cannon to various people saying with a be-jealous-of-me tone, "Do you see who I have here? Yes, it's Harrison's baby brother!"  One teacher (who also professed her love of Harrison) took one look at Cannon and said, "Oh, that has to be the baby brother of My Harrison!"

Steve and I got in the car and looked at each other for a couple minutes like, 'did that just really happen?' I mean, I think Harrison is great, but I'm his Mom, I'm supposed to think those mushy things.  But, to have others tell me how wonderful my child cup literally runneth over.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just For You

Gavin: "I've got something behind my baaackk! It's not for Daddy, or Harrison, or Cannon! It's just FOR YOU! Can you guess what it is?  I'll give you a's purple!"
Me: "Does it smell good, too?"
Gavin: "Yes it does!" As he whips his hand around to show the handpicked flowers from our backyard.
Me: "Flowers! Just for me?! You love me!  You really, really love me!"

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Cannon 9 Months Old

 Nine months old!  This month has brought about two more teeth (your front bucks!) and another ear infection.  Despite having your ears and mouth hurt you continue to be a happy, happy boy! 

 You and the very hungry caterpillar have a lot in common--a big appetite!  You will growl and 'Hulk' if the food you want is out of your reach. 

 You made your nine-month-a-versary even more special by crawling and pulling to a standing position on the same day!!  You've been rocking back and forth on your knees for a month or so, but on March 23 you finally lifted your hand and in the best tortoise-like movements you crawled!!  We were cheering you on while you had the biggest smile on your face! You knew you were doing something special!

 Watching you experience new things is a family affair.  We all love seeing the excitement on your face as you are able to explore and find new adventures.  Harrison and Gavin regularly compete to see who can make you laugh the most.  It's about a 50/50 split. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Paddy's Party

Continuing to be ever inspired by Pinterest, I saw this rainbow fruit plate for St. Patrick's Day that just had to come to life.  This was the catalyst to celebrating a holiday that, otherwise, I would have forgotten.  Celebrating these small holidays helps the mundane of simply making dinner more exciting. 

The Rolo (aka gold coins) was a favorite!  Every fruit bite was followed with a chocolate bite!  Gavin started the day with a green shirt, but his mid-afternoon outfit change didn't include the mandatory green.  He kept getting pinched but refused to change.

I tried to print off the internet a St. Patrick craft for the kids to do while I made dinner, by my printer was not cooperating (perhaps the printer was sensing me becoming too awesome of a mom by crafting and cooking and wanted to knock me down a notch.  Yes, I do often think inanimate objects conspire against me.)  so I had to settle on just reading to the kids why we celebrate this St. Patrick fellow and what makes him special.  Harrison asked me what a saint is, I told him in the simplest of terms that a saint is someone who has Jesus in his heart and  has done extraordinary things for God. 

He quipped with, "Then I'm a saint, too! I'm Saint Harrison!"  We learned that St. Patrick is recognized for bringing Christianity to Ireland.  Father Patty-Pat (as I would have called him in 492 a.d.) would compare the Holy Trinity to a shamrock (you see it now, right?) to help people understand the relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I looked up traditional St. Patrick's day food and felt uninspired to make any of it. Corned beef and cabbage?  No thank you.   So I settled on a shamrock, or green pepper-inspired pizza.  Cute, huh?

The best part of St. Patrick's story was Harrison's reaction when I told him we are part Irish.  He said, "What?? You mean to tell me I have Irish blood running through me?!" (as he gestures towards his chest)  "Is that why I sometimes make bad choices? Because of my Irish blood it gives me a bad temper?"  I was surprised when he told me he learned at school about Irish people and their stereotypical tempers. So what that Notre Dame is known as the Fighting Irish! Purely coincidental that there are a million limericks warning others not to mess with Irish-folk.  Almost made my Irish blood boil to learn my young lad's head is being filled with such nonsense!

I had to include a cootie-patootie picture of Cannon.  He loves meal time and even enjoyed a couple shamrock pizza bones.

We finished our dinner with an impromptu marshmallow food toss. 
Everyone took a turn being the pitcher and catcher.  

My jaw was sore trying to open it wide enough for Gavin to 'make the shot.' It finally resulted in him practically placing the marshmallow in my mouth like Communion bread.  Ever persistent is my Gavin.  Must be that Irish blood.  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Gavin And I know It

My cousin, Ashly, sent me this link for me to share with the boys.  As I could have guessed, Gavin was the one who wanted to watch the video over and over.  Check out his unusual dancing skills.

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You can Hope for change...

Gavin: "Daddy, can I eat my cereal like a puppy on the ground in front of the T.V.?"
Steve: "Okay, Bluey (his dog name),  I suppose this one time it'll be okay."
Harrison: "No, no, no!  Mommy says we're not allowed to eat in front of the T.V., WE HAVE TO EAT AT THE TABLE!!"
Steve: "Harrison, I said it's okay, Mommy's at work and I'm in charge."
Harrison: "No, Mommy's the boss!!"
Steve: "Then, what am I?"
Harrison: "You're the boss after Mommy's the boss.  First Mommy, then you!"
Steve: "Well, Mom's not here, she's at work, so I'm the boss now."
Harrison: "No, you need to call her at work and see if she says it's okay!!"
 Gavin: "Harrison, Daddy says it's okay!  It's okay!"
It was imperative to have a third child to break this two-way tie we have in our family.  Steve and I are both heavily campaigning for Cannon's vote (so far I'm leading by 92% due to my ability to provide fresh milk in seconds). The favor will likely swing towards Steve once Cannon is able to enjoy wrestling and being carried around upside down. I'm going to enjoy my 66% lead while I can and put policies in place that will ensure my hold for years to come.  **Perhaps I've been watching too many political debates lately?**

 Harrison picked these flowers for me yesterday and made me a cup of coffee.  All without being prompted, just because he loves his Momma.  I told Cannon to pay attention and take notes.  Oh, yes, Steve, Cannon will be mine.  I will have a strong hold with my lead and rule for years to come.  You can Hope for change all you want, Steveboma.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Like Father Like Son

Steve's shoes and pants are thrilled to finally have found company. Yay for me!

The laundry lady

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grammy's Visit

Grammy came to stay with us while I started my job and endured hospital orientation.  The boys were so super excited that Grammy was here they didn't even notice that I wasn't! My hat is off to all the working moms in the world who live in ground hog day of doing the same routine of go, go, go everyday.  I started off each day grateful I chose a profession that didn't require a monotonous schedule.  

I was never happier then seeing the first week came to an end; I had two glorious days off with the family.  After a relaxing Saturday morning we drove to North Carolina and went gem mining. We have done this before here. It's exciting to look at a mound of dirt hoping to find priceless gems as you sift through it.  

We found some pretty good-sized rubies and amethysts.  This has Steve stoked about trying to be the next John Hardy and make his own jewelry.  This man and his crafts, Oy!, it's hard to keep up with.  

Grammy even got in on the action.  Although I think she enjoyed the shop inside more than digging through dirt!

 Alright, South Carolina, these boiled peanuts (pronounced bawled peanuts) you keep talking about? Making me think my mouth is going to reach nirvana as I chewing them.  You. Are. Wrong.  Think lima bean texture with a peanut taste--odd, a combination that should never be paired. 

 Gavin pilfered a pocket-full of rocks off of the ground from the rock mining park that he wanted to bring home and paint.  I didn't realize he had so many rocks until we were onto our next adventure and I had to keep re-tightening his belt because his pants kept falling down.  What is it with little boys and rocks?

Harrison had also collected rocks from a previous trip--God-knows-where (seriously, these boys come home with rocks all the time!) and he wanted to paint his, too.  A morning craft to keep them occupied: check!

There is no evidence of a broken arm here.  Harrison has healed and is back in action!

Grammy snuggling Cannon Ball keeping him warm at the park.

Thanks, Grammy, for coming to stay with us! After two weeks of Grammy and G-Jo the house is just too quiet.  Plan another visit soon!