Bergman's Bruisers

A Look Into My Life Of Raising Four Rough
And Tumbly Boys

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wait A Minute.....

Harrison asks a lot of questions.  Watching a movie with him is sometimes torture because every time you laugh he wants to know "What happn'd? Why you laughin'?"  I've gotten used to these endless questions so I didn't think much of the conversation in the car on our way home from preschool. But, I think I may have said too much:

Harrison- Mommy, when you make the car 'go' are you pushing on the big pedal or little pedal?

Me- I'm pushing on the skinny pedal, it's called the gas pedal.

Harrison- Oh, okay, what's the other pedal called?

Me- It's called the brake pedal and it makes the car stop, see? (insert car stopping here)

Harrison- I get it, the skinny pedal makes you go faster and the big pedal makes you stop?


All along I'm thinking about what a smart, inquisitive boy I have, then, in an instant, my mind goes to this little boy driving my car down the road all by himself.  I would then be questioned by the authorities as to how my four-year-old knew how to drive a car so well. 

Now, as I've said before I can be a little thick-headed.  But, this time I did wise up to at least not divulge how you must apply the brake pedal before you can put in the car in gear. So, inquisitive boy or mischievous dare-devil?  Only time will tell. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Official....

....Gavin's no longer my baby boy.  He's now my big boy.  I knew the day would come when he graduated from his crib to a bed.  I didn't think it would be this soon and I didn't think it would be because I found him doing somersaults from the top of his crib onto his mattress!!! I should have videoed him doing this for the day he's in the Olympics. This child is fearless and quite the acrobat.  

 Gavin after his first nap in his big-boy bed. 
Such a cutie patootie!

We did have to bring all of his friends from the crib to his bed. 
I think they all slept well in their new digs.

*kinda sad to put away the crib.*sigh* hopefully it'll make another appearance.*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Snow Day at Home Day

Snow made its rare appearance in Texas today.  And it made my day!  I love, love watching snow fall.   I know it may not be peaceful for my family in Virginia and Ohio who are being pummeled by snow storms, but for me, seeing the snowflakes fall slowly to the ground is so peaceful.  It was all the kids could do to wait until after lunch to go and play!

Gavin gets the best 'Santa Claus' cheeks in the cold.  

Harrison would have spent all afternoon playing. 
He's got my Northern blood for sure.

Our first Texas snowman.

I thought of the great idea to take red Kool-Aid and color snow for lips.  
This totally freaked Harrison out and he wouldn't go near the
snow(wo)man telling me she was scary. 
I suppose she does look a little freaky.  
(Hey, Justin, one of her eyes is the rock you gave Harrison. 
When I said we needed rocks for her eyes
he ran right to the place he had put the rock.  What a memory!) 

The slide is super-fun in the snow!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Help Me Help You Take Two

You may be surprised to learn that I can sometimes be dense.  Sometimes it takes more than an average length of time for things to kick in.  I even surprise myself occasionally.  But, really, on this occasion, I offer no excuse. Especially after yesterday's car seat episode.

Unbeknown to me, Harrison grabbed a tube of chapstick from my purse as he was getting into his car seat.  (because, you know, boys can wear chapstick, but not lipstick, Mom. Plus, I am four years old so I can do this all by myself.)

It wasn't until we were almost home I looked back to see him smearing non-water-soluble (i.e. really hard to clean) chapstick all over his lips, face, and CAR SEAT! 

I know, I know, I'm thick-headed, what was I thinking?  Why do I let my son convince me being four is practically an adult?  Honestly, he tells me how old and how capable he is a hundred times a day.  He's really convincing.

I wish car seats came with those disposable liners like what's used for the toilet in women's restrooms. 
I should invent that.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Help Me Help You

I think being a good parent is owning your mistakes 
and learning from them.

 *not pictured is all the chocolate smeared into the just-cleaned velour car seat*

Being a good friend is putting your mistakes out for the world to see so others don't fall victim to your same lapse in judgment.  So, my friends, no matter how loud the bellowing for just one piece of chocolate is: don't give in.  The clean-up far surpasses the whining.   

This important service announcement has been brought to you by your good friend, Greta.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

When I'm Five?

Me:  Harrison, let's get ready to go to Grammy and Pop-Pop's house.

Harrison: Momma, Pop-Pop's name is David, and now that I'm four I will call him David. 

Me: Buddy, you're calling him Pop-Pop.

Harrison:  When I'm five I can call him David?

Me:  We'll talk when you're five, now get in the car.   

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just The Two Of Us

My Dad gave us a special Christmas present.  A two-night stay at the Gaylord hotel.  The kids spent quality time with Grammy and G-Jo.  As mentioned above, it was a 'just the two of us' and it was fabulous! 

Steve hates taking pictures and even more having a stranger take them.  It really meant a lot when he asked someone to take this photo.

 We did a lot of this!  From sushi, Kobe steak, french toast, and tasty cake balls--it was a
feast from start to finish!

We decided to spend the weekend around our anniversary to make the time away more special.  The restaurant somehow knew this and surprised us with this dessert. 

 We finally went to see Avatar.  It was fun to see the movie in 3-D, 
but it was a bummer when we smudged our 3-D glasses with popcorn butter! 

Steve and I spent most of Saturday shopping and just being together.  I commented on how 
this is what our life will be like years from now when our children are grown. 
Steve said, 'yeah, but we would get bored.  I miss the kids already."  
 That's the nice thing about getting away, it helps you appreciate what you have waiting for you at home. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Heart Steve

Top 7 Things I heart about Steve.....On our 7th anniversary, of course!

  1. Everything Steve does is over-the-top.  And though I give him a lot of grief about it, secretly I love it.
  2.  Movie night in our house tops any movie-going experience.  I find my seat and Steve takes it from there.  He pops popcorn to perfection, usually throwing in some fun candy, turns down the lights, and starts the DVD.  And even if it's in the middle of an action scene he'll kindly pause the movie for me to take a quick potty break.
  3. I love to watch Steve and my boys wrestle.  Steve goes full-throttle into his character and my boys get so excited.  Harrison and Gavin will tag-team trying to take down 'The Hulk'!
  4. Steve will wake out of a dead sleep to search the house to find the noise that I swear I've heard.  Never has the culprit been found, but I sleep much better knowing the house has been thoroughly checked out.  
  5. Steve will pick up dinner, knowing exactly what I want without me having to tell him, and fill my car up with gas on his way home.   All without me asking him to. 
  6. The perfect ending to my day is laying in bed, next to Steve, watching one of our many recorded shows. He brings me such comfort and warmth.  Literally warmth, he's my personal heater!
  7. Steve takes such pleasure in making us happy.  From something as difficult as providing financially to something simpler as bringing a new box of cereal home for the boys.  Seeing smiles on our faces brings a smile to his.  

    Here's to many more dances with you.....
    even if it's only the 'hokie-pokie'