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Thursday, August 27, 2009

'G' Stands for Guilt-Free

**editors note** the 'g' is supposed to go on the tushy, but I think it looks cute this way, too!

You know how sometimes a comment someone makes just sticks with you? Years ago, before I had children, I was talking with a woman about how many children I wanted to have. I told her I would love to have four or five. She responded "Don't you think that's being greedy? The world is already so overpopulated with people and their trash." Rationally, I know this is a ridiculous statement, but I've never been able to shake her words. Especially when I'm throwing away diapers. I've read that it takes over 500 years for a diaper to breakdown and the human waste in landfills is polluting the soil and possibly our water.

I've been researching cloth diapers for a while and finally I took the plunge! The g-diaper. They say the 'g' stands for green, genuine, global, gentle, or Gavin! The diaper seems to be the perfect marriage between disposable and cloth. The liner, that catches all the yucky stuff, is plastic-free so you can flush it down the toilet. (where poop is supposed to go) The diaper has even passed the overnight test. The final test will be seeing if Steve uses them while I'm at work.

Disclaimer: To all you fellow Moms (Shanita) who will be diligently checking Gavin's pants every time I see you to make sure he has on a cloth diaper know that at times I will still use disposable. But, for every one cloth diaper that's one less in a landfill.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

G.I. Gavin

I finally decorated a room for Gavin. He's been living in a guest room for over a year. Now, I know he's a baby and he doesn't know, but I know. I now feel like he has a place designated just for him. And I have to say, it's a pretty darn cute room! Inspired by his Granddad who gave 25 years to the Army.

The ginormous tank was a gift courtesy of Granddad. It's definitely 'eye catching'! I looked all over for bedding. I was surprised when I found the bedding at Burlington Coat Factory!

I know. I know. The 'Be All You Can Be' is a little campy. But, it's also a good motto to live by, right? The window treatment I bought at the Army/Navy surplus store. It's a mesh intended to hide whatever in the jungle. It's held up by tent stakes.

I love these canteen holders that I used as curtain tiebacks.

This is the kevlar helmet my Dad wore until he retired from the Army in 2006. I'm trying to figure out a cool way to hang it on the wall.

This is the Army trunk my Great-grandfather used. It would make a neat toy box except the lid closes like a guillotine.

This is the obligatory childs name in their room. Steve says this makes it too baby-like, I said "but he is a baby." I did try to 'man it up' by adding my Dad's old Army spurs on the N.

Check out my crafty skills. I made the picture holder from an old Army uniform (B.D.U.) fabric and stapled ribbon to hold pictures. The patriotic buttons I found at the fabric store are the perfect finish. Filled with pictures just of Geedge in Geedge's room!

First Day of Preschool

Harrison has officially started preschool. He was so brave (to Harrison this is being the opposite of shy) on his first day. We had met his teacher last week and have been talking about Ms. Beaty all weekend. Once he spotted the Thomas the Train toy on the playground and the Darth Vader in Ms. Beaty's toy collection he was sold on St. Christopher's! The only tears shed were from boy is getting so big!

He was so happy! Instead of saying 'cheese' he kept saying 'cheeto'

After school. Much calmer and ready for a nap! I'll take it 3 mornings a week, please.

This was Harrison on the first day of Mother's Day Out last year. 2008

This was Harrison 2 years ago when he first started Mother's Day Out. He was 20 months old and not talking. The speech therapist thought being around other kids his age would help. This was a sad day for me. I went home lost with what to do with myself. I caught up on a lot of sleep....then I got pregnant. No down time for me. 2007

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just a Day With the Family

I had a rare Saturday off with the family, Steve was out of town on a business trip, (Key West, Florida. Tough job, huh?) so my Mom, Justin, and his girlfriend, Dixie came to keep me company. We decided to be artsy and visit our local Kimbell Art Museum.

I told Harrison I thought this baby was whispering in his Mommy's ear asking her for a snack. He said "yah, the baby wants popcorn and a pop tart."

I asked Harrison what this was and he told me "an awien" (alien) because it has four arms.

Harrison reflecting on how he possibly could have fallen into the water! He meant to only bend over and brush the water with his hands. The only dry part on him was a small corner of his shorts where Uncle Justin pulled him up and out! (not pictured: his shirt drying on the concrete.)

Uncle Justin helped Harrison ease his embarrassment of falling in the water by playing a rousting game of 'let me see how high I can throw you' Harrison was getting so high he resembled a flying squirrel.

Lesson learned of having a second child--What you do with one child you must do to the other.

G-Jo. Just sitting and looking pretty.

What a beautiful boy. I'm so blessed he's mine.

Dixie's keeping Gavin from taking the plunge like his big brother.

When we got home I was inspired to open the cookbook my mother-in-law gave me from none other than the Kimbell. There is a pumpkin cheesecake recipe I've got to make soon. In the meantime this is what I made:

The lemon bars are an A+. "Worlds Best Cookies" however? Don't think so, C-

We also made homemade pizza for dinner. This was so easy and so good. We made mini's so it was custom to your liking. So good we're making pizza again for dinner tonight!

Nine Years and Counting....

Steve and I celebrated last week with friends at Eddie V's. We started dating nine years ago during Restaurant Week. Every year in August, the upscale restaurants in the area discount their prices and donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.

I remember thinking Steve was so suave and classy taking me to all these different places. It wasn't until a year later during the following Restaurant Week I learned I had lucked out meeting him in August. Had we met in April it would have been dates at Jason's Deli!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life Lessons from Batman

Harrison was playing Lego Batman on Playstation and it came to a part in the game where he had to fight Catwoman. He handed the controller over to Steve and told him, "Daddy, you hit Catwoman. Mommy told me never hit girls."

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's All About Choices

I took a parenting class last year called Parenting with Love and Logic. It talks of giving your kids choices when either decision is fine with you. It distracts your child with having to make decisions instead of focusing on what it is you are wanting them to do. Like when your child is refusing to go to bed you ask them a series of questions: "Which toothbrush do you want to use tonight?" "Do you want this blanket or that blanket?" "Do you want to turn off the light or do you want me to?" Before they know it they're in bed and they think it was their decision.

When potty training started a year ago I sometimes struggled with getting Harrison to go potty. One morning while I was letting Buford, our English bulldog, outside I gave Harrison the choice-"You can either go potty outside like Buford or in the toilet." What would any red-blooded American 3 year-old-boy choose? Outside, of course! Thus began our daily outing, regardless of rain, sleet, or heat, my boy (and my dog) start their morning off outside.

By the way, this parenting method can also be used on spouses, "Honey, would you rather clean the kitchen or bathe the kids?"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Amazing, Isn't It?

Amazing how you can look at the same thing for years and suddenly, one day, it looks completely different. I have hated my yard since the day we moved in. It's a lawn with a mind of it's own. Any attempts we've made to tame the jungle results in frustration when it grows back days later.

This is a bouquet cut from flowers in my backyard. Today I saw beauty amongst the weeds. I'm going to try and do that a little more often. Less weeds, more beauty.

The Greatest Show on Earth

Evan. He's always 'camera ready'!
If he even sees a camera....

Nancy with too many kids in her lap! She always makes room for more.

Harrison and I went with our friends to the circus. We had a good time munching on popcorn, twizzlers, and $12 cotton candy!! Harrison loved the clowns dressed up as penguins and my favorite was the acrobats. (How much can those people really make to risk their lives like that?) We had a great time and I loved my one-on-one time with my boy.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Justa Thinkin'

I woke up this afternoon from working last night and found Harrison in my room...

Me: Harrison, what are you doing?

Harrison: Mom, I'm laying on the floor finkin'.

Me: What are you thinking about?

Harrison: I'm finkin' bout my toys.

Me: Any toys in particular?

Harrison: My dinosaur.

What I would give to be 3 years old and just enjoy laying around thinking about a toy dinosaur. Aaah, the life.