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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Man

Harrison's teacher asked all the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up.  The usual responses were given, a teacher, a fireman, a princess, to name a few.  Then came Harrison's answer: a man

Just a man? I asked when we got in the car on our way home.   Yea, just a man.  Oh, and the Bumblebee TransformerYou know, Mom, it's a car and a robot, and he's a good guy.  Thank goodness the boy has some creative thinking! 

Steve said, "hey, I'll take it!" in response to Harrison wanting to grow up to be a man.  He said, "in this day and age where it's actually an option to become a man or woman, I'm happy he knows now he wants to be a man." 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's About That Time Of Year Again...

...for us to take our family photo.  Every year it remains a challenge to find four outfits that complement but aren't too matchy-matchy.  Steve says I make this way more work than it needs to be, and perhaps he's right.  But, for just one day out of the year I want my family to be so incredibly well-paired it makes The Gap green with envy.  I think I'm on the right track with this hat I brought home for Harrison.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot more then just a hat.  It would make for a pretty awkward family photo of us in only hats and undies!  Doubt that one would make it onto relatives' walls!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've Got Good News And Bad News

Good news first: Gavin loves going to preschool!  He loves his teacher and tells me the names of most of his fellow toddlers.  He has grown such a love for his teacher she now has a hard time leaving him without tears coming from Geedge.  In fact, he feels so comfortable at school he has been able to come out of his shy shell and be the real 'Gavin' we all love and fear.  Unfortunately, for a little boy, Adir, the real Gavin, um, well, bites when toys are taken from him. That would be the bad news, folks.

Honestly, I can't be too shocked, I knew the day was coming.  This summer I kept having dreams of being called by the director telling me we would need to find another place for Gavin as he had made his classmates all scared.  Gavin has been a defender of what he thinks is his from a very young age.  I remember him biting Harrison when he was barely nine months old!  Is that our primal instinctive way to protect ourselves?  What makes some kids take matters into their own hands and others simply cry for adult intervention?  Harrison has never bitten, he opts for option B--telling Mom and Dad what was unjustly taken.

And, I know this is crazy, and it sounds even crazier as I write it, but there is a part of me that likes Gavin defending himself.  We have to often encourage Harrison to stick up for himself.  He will so quickly allow someone to take something, or push their way in front of him, or even allow himself to be hit by other kids.   I'm glad they're close in age, they can help balance one another out during school years.  Harrison could learn the wonderful life lesson of not being taken advantage of by his little brother.  And, likewise, Gavin could learn the lesson Harrison has mastered so well, 'honey will get you a lot more than vinegar,'  

Back to Gavin's biting incident.  It was entertaining having him retell the story to me in his oh-so-broken-words about why he bit Adir, his subsequent time-out, followed by an apology and hug.  He kept showing me exactly how he clamped down his jaw on his arm.

This is how he opened his mouth, preparing for the bite.

This may look like a smile, but imagine a chunk of flesh between those chompers.
It isn't pretty.

Then, he had to sit in time-out.  This is pretending to be crying.

 Followed by a remorseful, "I'm sorry, Adir."  How can you resist those big brown eyes?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Faux Glow On The Go....Or Something Like That

I love being tan.  It makes me feel and look better.  I've been getting spray tans mostly since having kids.  It's challenging to find the time to actually suntan and wanting to be around for them years to come makes me want to protect my skin from the sun.  I have always used spray tan booths, but for the first time this summer I had a person spray tan me.  I loved the results! And I thought if this lady could do that so could I, right?  I immediately started researching products, equipment, and most importantly, how to actually do it!  Once I figured all that out, then I needed some courageous volunteers.  That's when some good friends stepped up to the plate and the first 'Brunch and Bronze' party was born!




Miranda. I'm so bummed we forgot to take a before picture!
Probably too many mimosas at this point.

And this is how Faux Glow On The Go was born!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bathroom Breaks?!

A conversation between Steve and I as I'm getting ready for work Saturday night.....

Me: Steve, you should take the kids to do stuff on the weekends while I'm working.  We have zoo passes, museum passes, there are parks, and a backyard full of toys.  It's a shame all weekend is spent doing the same thing.

Harrison interrupting : We do lots of stuff on the weekends, Mom.  We go to the McDonald's drive-thru, play video games, wrestle, watch t.v., go to the bathroom, play with cool toys.

Steve: Yah, Gretch.  Listen to all the cool stuff we do!

Me: I'm sorry, did I catch "bathroom breaks" listed as one of the weekend activities?!  Oy vey!  I suppose child-enrichment activities will remain in the Monday through Friday time slot.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Toonces, The Cat Model

Harrison was needing some tips for what colors to use for his kitty cat, when low-and-behold, Tooncy hopped on the table to give him some ideas! 

Toonces lost his patience as he watched Harrison picking out a pink crayon for his feet!  Pink paws?! This is what the 'stink eye' looks like coming from a cat.   If only cats could talk! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Family Portrait

I have to admit I'm one of those crazy parents that analyze their kids drawings. I love seeing what my kids come up with.  Check out our latest Picasso. 
Isn't it interesting that Harrison's family portrait includes him with the biggest head and the most detail to his face?  Followed closely with detail by his brother and best friend, Gavin.  Mom and Dad's faces are so small our lips (all three of them!)  are drawn outside the parameters of our faces.  I was Googling picture analysis of children and came across an entire audience devoted to this topic.  Psychologists are able to evaluate intelligence, personality traits, abuse, and trauma all from drawings.  Interesting.  Wonder what they'd say about this number...

My baby boy, Gavin, opted only to draw a picture of his Momma!  I'm sure that means something significant, too, but for now, I'll take it as he loves me--he really, really loves me! That's my boy!!   

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Bruiser Kind Of Makeover

I suppose I can't be too surprised seeing Gavin come out of the bathroom with nail polish on his lips.  It was just the other day I let my boys 'make me be-u-t-ful'!! I had two young boys double-teaming me to make me the best looking Mom around!  The picture doesn't quite do my eye make-up justice.  Harrison really did a number on me, adding just the right amount of purple. (insert smirk here)  And the lip gloss?  Courtesy of Geedge.  He picked out the color and applied all by himself. 

 What a lucky Mom I am.

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5 Disturbing Things About This Photo

  1. Once again, my child is naked.  Can't seem to keep clothes on this one.
  2. He thinks what he's applied is lip gloss, when, in fact, it's OPI nail polish.
  3. My son has actually put on the lip gloss nail polish relatively well considering he had no mirror....and he's two.
  4. There are nail polish chips on his teeth.
  5. I insisted on taking multiple pictures before I removed the toxic nail polish from his lips and mouth.  Bad mom.  Bad mom. 

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