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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Like A 'T" Rated Game

Harrison:  "When the doctor cuts the baby out of you will there be a lot of blood?"

Me: "There will be some blood, but not too much.  The baby is surrounded by fluid, not blood.  And, anyway, by the time you see me I'll be all patched up and you won't see any blood."

Harrison:  "Sooo, the blood will kinda be like a 'T' game."

Me: " A "T" game?"

Harrison:  "Yeah,  a video game rated 'T' for mild blood and gore.  But, it's for 13 and older."

Monday, September 8, 2014

Farmer Gavin

My kids love going to Ohio to see all our family.  I am from a small town, Versailles, Ohio that houses a little town surrounded by a lot of farms.  My Uncle Mark and Aunt Peg live on one of those farms.  No trip to Versailles is complete without Gavin making a trip to the farm.  Here's a little looksey at Gavin's recent farming adventure- this trip was especially special for Gavin because he had the undivided attention of both Aunt Peg and Aunt Pat.  A farm and solo attention??  This boy was in heaven!

First things first, Gavin had to be outfitted with some farming shoes. What are farming shoes?  They'd be shoes or boots that can handle being covered in poop, dirt, muck, and anything else farm living would harvest.  Being from the city and all we don't own such shoes, but thank goodness for Aunt Peg's ability to improvise and turn some city shoes into some good ol' covered-in-plastic farming shoes.

Gathering cousin Noah's famous eggs is always a must when Gavin visits the farm.  These eggs have won 'Best in Show' at Poultry Days for many years in a row.  Gavin searched high and low, even climbing over a mountain of manure to reach a lone egg, his motto was 'leave no egg behind.'

Who knew chickens could give hugs??  
I don't know if this is a hug as much as it is a firm squeeze into submission.  

Do loved chickens lay better eggs? I think so.

Who knew a boy could be so happy scooping and cleaning?

Gavin has been asking for a pet rabbit almost daily since his visit to the farm.  

Aunt Peg said Gavin insisted on using the finger-severing sheers himself to cut the lettuce.  He brought me back all the fixings for a home grown salad and it was amazing. 

And, alas, no farming adventure is complete without a trip around the farm in the mule.  Gavin said the mule is used to "drive around your farm and look at it."  He looked around the farm, picked beautiful wild flowers for me, and came back to tell me all about his adventure. 

Thank Aunt Peg and Aunt Pat for giving my boy a morning of fun. 

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