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Monday, March 31, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Basketball Is My Favorite Sport

I understand the importance of sports.  Really I do.  However, not all sports are created equal.  And, by that, I mean, not all sports are equally enjoyable for me, as a parent, to endure.  If I'm being completely honest here I've never been known for my love of sports.  So, for me, a sport obtains a score based on the time of year, how much exposure to extreme temperatures, how much equipment I have to keep up with, and how long practice and games are.  Some examples of my scores so far?

  • only equipment is a swimming suit and goggles
  • a life long sport that you can do for life and it can save a life
  • Practices A LOT!
  • Swim meets go on ALL DAY!
  • It's super, super hot

  • Highly active sport giving your child a lot of activity
  • A great first sport because most young kids can kick a ball and run
  • The cleats, shin guards, and socks are annoying to keep up with.  More than once my boys have worn their Dad's black dress socks because I couldn't find the right pair.
  • Usually this is a winter sport and it's cold outside
  • A high energy sport that is fun to watch
  • Learns great hand/eye cordination
  • LOTS of equipment
  • A winter sport which means it's COLD!!
  • Being in Texas this sport tends to have some intense parents

We had our first experience with this lovely sport this year.   I am in love!

Here are my Top 10 Reasons I love this kid sport

All they need to play are some shoes.  Easy-peasy.

Lots of goals are made so the cheering is endless making the hour pass quickly!

My boys love this sport!  They never complained about practices or games.  This makes staying up to watch them play after working all night a lot easier when I see their smiling faces.

I love the fast-pace-back-and-forth. 

I like how the kids are praised not only for making goals but also assists.  It really cemented the 'team player' attitude we should all have. 

Not only is it completely indoors, saving me from the elements, but the building also had Wifi making for a very happy toddler.

I love the aggressiveness my boys showed while playing basketball.  Sure, there was a blatant foul here and there, but they wanted that ball and they went after it.

Did I mention the perk of being protected from the rain, cold, wind, and dirt?!  My little guy could relax and roll around without coming home covered in mud and dirt. 

When your kid is the shortest, but still manages to get the ball and shoot goals, it makes your heart swell with pride.

This isn't unique to basketball, but I love how sports teaches you to share the light and take turns.  Sometimes it's a big bummer to have to swap out with a teammate, but it's a good life-lesson to learn.

So long basketball!  We will see you again this winter!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

See Ya Later...

I couldn't resist these mother/son matching shirts.  A toddler is probably the only acceptable age to wear a coordinating shirt with your Momma.  I couldn't let this opportunity pass us by!

"See ya later alligator!"

 "In a while crocodile."

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always,  
As long as I am living my baby you will be.