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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Have A Plan

Harrison was asked to draw what he wanted to be when he grows up.  His teacher also had all the kids say how they were going to reach that goal.  I thought Harrison's idea of what a builder looks like is pretty funny.  In his eyes a builder is a manly-man, complete with a handle-bar mustache, big boots, hat turned around, and protective eye wear--safety first!

Harrison's plan for reaching his goal:

I want to be a builder because I get money and my plan is to go in high school, pass college, and pass building school.  Sometimes I'd like to build stuff.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Ultimate Punishment

This is often how the ruling of a punishment goes down in our house:

Steve- Gavin, you left the backyard without permission, left the gate open, and was found playing in the neighbor's driveway three houses down.  This is not okay.  You know better.  Your mom and I have to discuss what your punishment will be.

Me- I think maybe a week without t.v.

Gavin- yeah, okay, I guess I deserve that.

Steve- Or maybe a week without video games.

Gavin- Come on!

Me- Better yet, for the next month I get to pick out your school clothes.  No arguing, no negotiating.  You have to wear what I lay out.

Gavin-  Cue the tears with rapid fire words: NONONONONONONONONO! Anything but that!!  You'll make me look stupid!!

It is in this instant that Steve and I make eye contact and mentally agree we have reached a good punishment.  I don't know how long it will be before our kids realize that our Rolodex of punishments are pilfered through until we come upon the one that really squeezes them. We know we have found the right squeeze when we get a reaction like this one.  It's a challenge to find what makes each child tick.  What makes each child bend or truly suffer the consequences of their bad choices.  Our best dip-stick is their reaction to punishment options.

So, Gavin's punishment did end up being me picking out his clothes for a month.  This is not a punishment because I'm terrible at picking out clothes  that I would intentionally dress him to look 'stupid.'  It's a punishment only to Gavin because he takes such pride in how he looks and to take away his privilege of choice was the ultimate consequence.

Here's a sample of a few outfits during his sentence:

Not bad, right?!  With so many hand-me-downs from Harrison, Evan, Ian, and Garrett his clothes options are endless!  I really, really enjoyed putting together outfits knowing he couldn't argue, fuss, or fight.  I hardly knew what to do with the extra five hours a week I gained from not having clothes wars!

Almost makes me look forward to when he makes a bad choice.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm Thankful

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be thankful.  I'm most thankful for God, Jesus, and games.  I'm thankful God because he made the wole wide world.  Without God we woldn't live.  Also he is the king of the world.  God is inporint because he has lived for 2013 years.  Mostly every body belive in God.  God is real if you belive in him.

   That's one thing that I'm thankful for.  Jesus is porerful to take out evil spirits.  Also Jesus is the son of God that is imporent.  Jesus is imporent in many ways.

    Games are somtething I cold't live with out.  Mostly games are something are fun and exsided to.  Games are also active.  Minecraft is a very fun game to.  Games are at a park to and they are playful.  Any game can be awsome like tag for example.  Some games teach you a lot by dancing.  You know everybody likes video games because they are fun and funny because you dance, do funky moves and by being active and they tell jokes.  

   I like Thanksgiving.  I'm also thankful for God, Jesus, and games.  

Harrison Bergman
November, 2013

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Only The Third Child

We are surprised daily with the words and phrases that come out of Cannon's mouth.  The things he says and does is largely due to his birth order.  He has two older brothers that supply him with endless inappropriate behavior for a two-year-old.  I've recently had to sit all the boys down and have a family intervention!  Cannon is getting in trouble at preschool due to his rough demeanor.  We, as a family, are working on using kinder words, kinder touch, and saying sorry with hugs more often. Before a total transformation (which I just know is going to happen any day now!)  I thought I'd capture a few of these less than desirable phrases. 

"I didn't do it!  Gavin did it!"

"Hey Fartface!"

"I never get the iPad!"

Cannon's favorite impersonation

"What the heck, Mom!"

"Don't look at me!"

What am I going to do with this boy?!