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Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of First Grade

We hadn't moved into our house by the time school started so we commuted from Pop-Pop's and Grammy's for about a week.  Even with the anticipation and excitement of school starting it was challenging getting out of the house by 7:00 a.m.  It was sweet when the following week we moved in and joined a carpool!  It takes a village to raise kids these days, I count on my fellow moms to help me out just as I do for them. 

I let Harrison pick his clothes for the first day of school.  He chose his new "Where's My Water" t-shirt.  I have no idea what this game is, but he does, and he thought maybe some other kids in class would know it also and 'want to talk to me.'  I thought it was pretty smart to have an ice-breaker for the first day.  A boy after my own social heart.

He was excited to tell me when I picked him up that TWO kids in his class told him they liked his shirt.  He didn't include, however, the number of kids he asked who told him they didn't like his choice shirt! He was also quick to point out there are twenty kids in his class, twelve boys and eight girls.  
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Stay At Home Fun

The beach seemed like a perfect last minute vacation to take the kids before school started while Steve was at a conference in California.  It must've seemed like a good idea to EVERY OTHER parent in America because every place I looked was sold out! 

Disappointed but not defeated G-Jo and I planned an at home weekend egggtravaganza!  Okay, not really extravagant, but fun for the kids at least.

We re-visited Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.  The kids love this place! I love it, too, because I don't have to get out of the car to show them a good time.  Lazy? Perhaps.  But, keeping up with three kids is a whooping and any opportunity to keep them confined and happy is a good thing.

  The next day we went to Hawaiian Falls.  This was our first time here and I was not prepared for how HUGE this place was.  I'm so thankful my mom was with me and it took our complete attention to keep up with the boys.  In fact, even with our best efforts we lost Harrison for a few minutes (although it felt like an eternity!).  My legs were turning to jello the longer it took to find him. He must've been scared, too, because we both cried when we found each other. See, confined and happy are two very good things!

For all parents who think video games are a complete waste of time...check this out!  Harrison sat with me in the front seat at Fossil Rim and I let him take control of the steering wheel. Don't judge me--it was perfectly safe!!  This was a winding road that, I must say, he did amazingly well navigating.  I credit that to lots of time playing Mario Cart on the Wii with the steering wheel controller.

It was a fun stay-at-home weekend intended to tire and entertain the kids.  The kids were definitely entertained, but as for being exhausted I think G-Jo and I were the ones to check that box.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer High-Lights

This summer has passed with lightening speed.  I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone and thought I could just re-cap and get up to speed with just a few updates.

Summer couldn't pass without a couple of trips to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History with our good friends. My total count of children's museums visited are maybe three, but Fort Worth's is, by far, my favorite! The kids loved the Grossology exhibit, with their favorite part being able to smell the bacteria that causes poop to stink.  EW!!

The wind tunnel that simulates a hurricane.

Harrison and Gavin even managed to squeeze in vacation Bible school at Evan and Ian's church. 

The boys loved playing at Grammy and Pop-Pop's house.  There are very few things off limits at their house. This includes, but is not limited to, Grammy's reading glasses, piano, swimming pool, pool table, video games, soda, birds, and dogs.

Our summer was also spent at G-Jo's house playing games and getting manicures.  The face belonging to the hand receiving the manicure has been intentionally hidden to protect the innocent Steve.

The above-mentioned dog at Grammy and Pop-Pop's house is big enough for all three kids to get a piece of the love!

And we ended our summer losing another tooth!  Unfortunately, the tooth fairy didn't visit Harrison due to him calling her "stupid" when his last tooth fell out and he didn't get enough money.  Hopefully, he's learned this lesson young, that calling someone who gives you money for nothing "stupid" isn't a good idea.

A good and busy summer has gone, by leading us into what will hopefully be a good and busy fall.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Adios Amiga

My longest and best friend, Kristen, along with her husband and baby are starting a new adventure in Nicaragua helping manage a resort, Rancho Santana.  You can check out where they're staying here or follow them on Kristen's blog here.  For some it may seem a crazy venture, but for those who know Kristen and Phillip, not only does it seem normal, but almost expected.  We arrived back in Texas from our latest adventure just in time to get together to wish them well on theirs. 

We met in Killeen at Kristen's parents' house for a day of catching up. Harrison and Gavin were shocked when I told them Kristen's parents didn't have a PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, or any other gaming system that brings hours of entertainment.  When I told them the reason was because they didn't grow up with that sorta thing Harrison said, "then what did Mrs. Hewitt play with growing up?" 

 Mrs. Hewitt showed the boys entertainment sans video games.  Old matchbox cars, building blocks, and even a sprinkler circa 1981.  Technology schmechology.

Play time in the backyard is clothing optional.

Racing into the kiddie pool! 

Six months apart in age, but about six years apart in size!

 A long and playful day resulted in some smelly boys desperately in need of a bath. After we were all cleaned up with tummies full on Root beer floats, we said our goodbyes and gave our hugs. 

July 2011

 Kristen and I with our babies, Cannon and Cooper, in town for a visit after Cannon was born last summer.  It was a coincidence when Kristen arrived wearing the same plum shirt I had on, but it was "whoa" when our boys had on matching 'stud muffin' onesies.